901 Improv & Innovation Jams

For Serious, Growth-Oriented Individuals, with a Sense of Humor!

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At the very core of the Innovative Spirit is the “Yes, And” mentality. The “Yes, And” mentality is the genesis for confidence one needs to take on life’s juiciest challenges. Improvisation is an amazing way to tap into all of this, giving you the courage to dare, and the faith to do. Plus, it’s a blast.

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901 Improv Class & Jams

901 Innovation sponsors routine drop-in improv classes.

These are ideal for anyone who has always wanted to try their hand at improv. They’re also great for seasoned performers who just like to jam and meet new people. With improv, one can think faster on their feet, and just be better in any social setting. Plus you’ll be more magnetic and sexually appealing (at least that’s what mother always said).

We meet once a month in New York City and love a crowd – find us on Meetup below! 


901 Innovation Presents Live Comedy Improv

Short-form comedy improv in front of live audiences.

The perfect night out, and a great way to experience improvisation without the commitment of jumping up there yourself. At 901 we practice what we preach, and we put ourselves out there for the world to enjoy. Come check us out!

Our quarterly shows are a riot! Come be part of the show, check out our Meetup at the link below!

901 Innovation Jams Coming Soon…

901 Innovation Jams are for individuals who want to take on life’s juiciest challenges. Each event is hyper-focused on a particular aspect of life, weaving in innovative tools and techniques and real-world stories in a fun interactive way. Go big and bold – innovate your life!

If you’re gonna’ be a bear, be a grizzly. 

Cupid’s Twisted Arrow

A fresh approach to one of life’s greatest challenges – love & romance!

A highly engaging event for individuals that promotes the innovative mindset, and how it can be used for one’s love life. Part show, part dating-mixer, part workshop, Cupid’s Arrow is for anyone who is seeking that perfect partner, or at least a more optimistic path for the journey to love.

Laugh Your Way to Success, Seriously

Another of life’s juicy challenges – the fulfilling career!

This one’s not for bureaucrats or sheep, but rather for anyone who is simply seeking a better way to manage their career. Another highly engaging event for individuals, that promotes the innovative mindset, and how it can be used to boost the career. We’ll take on and poke fun at all the stuff that thwarts it, so you can pursue what you really want.

Health, Wealth & Happiness

The Big 3 of life!

It sounds so simple, but why is it so damn hard? Perhaps because we’re human. In this interactive workshop/event, we explore and take on all that holds us back, in a light, fun way. We also share simple techniques that one can start applying right away to help them lead the life they desire.