901 uses laughter and improv, plus a variety of other unique and playful tools to help every person in the room to tap into their own innovative spirit. We introduce them to innovative techniques that they can start applying, and match up to their own unique abilities. Lastly, we share real-world stories from 30+ years of bringing innovation into bureaucratic spaces so that you can see how all of this comes together.

What Is Vimprov?

Vimprov® is a highly interactive workshop tailor-made for teams who wish to tap into their full potential, all at lightning speed!

It promotes the innovative spirit, which leads to better outcomes, and a more fulfilling career and life!

No room for bureaucracy here! Vimprov® sessions are fast, fun, and fully engaging (hint: you’ll all be up on your feet).

Every workshop runs for about 1-2 hours and is completely customizable to meet your team’s most critical needs. Whether you want to laugh and build morale, inspire the team to take more risks, or rally together to crush your biggest challenges, we can do it.

You ready to have some fun?

We should talk.

Two Types of Vimprov®


Remote Teams

You’ve got a great team, but they’re scattered all over the country, maybe the world. How do you bring them together, strengthen their bond, and bring out their unique innovative spirit? You could fly everyone out for some forced fun at a pricey retreat. Try Vimprov® instead! Easy, customized, and more affordable than that glamping resort.


Friends & Family

You and your buddies haven’t all gotten together since Steven’s wedding… 6 years ago (no, the group chat doesn’t count). We get it, you’re all over the country, and it’s rare that you’re all in the same place at the same time. No problem! Vimprov® spices up your ho-hum Zoom hang with big laughs and fun games!

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