901 uses laughter and improv, plus a variety of other unique and playful tools to help every person in the room to tap into their own innovative spirit. We introduce them to innovative techniques that they can start applying, and match up to their own unique abilities. Lastly, we share real-world stories from 30+ years of bringing innovation into bureaucratic spaces so that you can see how all of this comes together.


901 quirkshops are for forward-thinking teams and organizations that want to shake up the status quo and bring their boldest ideas to life. These are like speed-dating for innovation. You get to experience various innovative tools and techniques like Design Thinking and Improvisation, in a fun and interactive way. We treat each and every session – or Quirkshop, as we like to call it – as its very own, special event. We’ll meet with you, the team leader/organizer, to really explore what it is you need to accomplish, then design a customized session. Our sessions range from 1 hour to 1 day, it’s up to you!

Oh, and again like speed-dating, if you find an innovative technique that you really like…we’ll hook you up!

Here Are Samples of Some of our Quirkshop Themes…

Have Fun at the Annual Meeting

“Let’s Have Fun… Because the Meeting Agenda Says So”

Perfect for that big annual gathering where the last bullet point on the meeting agenda is “Have Fun.” Instead of forcing the fun, this Quirkshop will make it real. Tailored to your team and culture, this will give your meeting a creative boost and give you innovative tools that can help everyone on your team be more productive and successful.


Get Your Groove Back

“Better than a Puppy!”

Ever have those stretches where everyone is flat and the doldrums are ruling the day? You could try bringing in a puppy, or you could generate the same excitement with this customized Quirkshop that will bring lasting fun and laughter into the office. Levity inspires, why not make an afternoon out of it that’ll ignite your team’s creative spark again and bond you like never before.

Sample a Taste of Innovation

“Laugh Your Way to Success, Seriously”

Explore some of the unique ways you can tap into your Innovative Spirit. In this 90-minute session we delve into some of the key features of improvisation and Design Thinking. We help teams overcome bureaucracy and negativity, and truly free up their minds to do great things. The perfect break from your ho-hum routine.


Unite and Take Flight

“BFFs. Bureaucratic Friends Forever, or Best Friends Forever?”

Or perhaps somewhere in between? This session promotes team building in the quirky and irreverent 901 way, but exposing all the things that turn a culture toxic, and promotes all of the things that makes it great! Infuse fun into your culture, and bring the best out of every individual team member to create an unstoppable force of innovation.

Make Brainstorming Mind Blowing

“Brainstorm vs. Drainstorm”

Let’s face it, most brainstorming sessions suck. This Quirkshop pokes fun at all those horrible brainstorming pitfalls, and actually does it right, so great ideas can flow like the waters of Babylon. Let’s crush your biggest challenges and unleash your unique creativity all while having a great time.


Leverage Talent

“Strong Like Sheep. Says No One.”

The ideal session to develop talent and build on the unique strengths and personalities of each individual. No boring flock of workers here. This is for the visionaries who believe in leveraging the unique strengths of each individual can propel the innovative spirit and drive an entire group to do great things!

Quirkshops are for you if you wish to overcome bureaucracy and reclaim your innovative spirit in a unique and fun way!