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  • Crush challenges
  • Reach new heights
  • Discover innovation

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What Is Vimprov?

Vimprov is a guided virtual workshop designed to unleash your team’s greatest ideas and dormant creative power.

Solve any problem with passion and panache.

Learn to crush challenges and goals.

Laugh and build morale.

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Crush Challenges with the “Yes, And” Mindset

Michael Glatts
Co-Founder, 901 Innovation

Having decades of experience, always asking “why?”, Michael loves to challenge the status quo. It is the only way to break free, have fun, and unleash your unique ability.

A class comic through twelve years of catholic and private school, Michael knew how to have fun, when to appreciate the supportive teachers, and when to challenge those “not-so-supportive” ones. Naturally, he carried this through college and into a fulfilling 26-year career with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals – a great company, oh but brutally bureaucratic. The perfect place to hone one’s disruptive skills with the right mix of humor, respect, and rebelliousness. Mix in 20 plus years of improv and the formula is set to take out to the world. Now it’s time to really have some fun!

Solve Problems with Passion and Panache

Laugh away the stress, and find renewed enthusiasm for your team!

Revive your company culture by playing Vimprov games that tie you to your core values and promotes acting upon those values as a team. Pump up productivity the fun way!

Brainstorm Like An Adventurer

Turn your brainstorming session into an experience like no other!

Ride your inspiration through a freeing tsunami that takes you to new unexpected places. Unleash the power of your team!

Reward & Build Morale

Reward yourself with something fun and new! Bring fun back into the mix! Try a hilarious new way to reward good work and show appreciation. Revel in the absurd and create stronger bonds through laughter!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team!